There is always something to do!

The Quinta offers a huge and beautiful garden. 6000 square metres in size, divided by hedges and nature stone walls – making sure you will always find a cosy place just for yourself.
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Lie by the water-lily pond, watch frogs, and now and then let your eyes wander to Pico.

At the very back of the pergola, swinging in the hammock, you will be able to see the most beautiful and unforgettable sunsets.

A place full peace and relaxation for everyone, who wants to enjoy sweet idleness for hours or even days.

Along the garden you will find the vegetable garden, a greenhouse and many fruit trees and bushes. As the kitchen garden is taken care of by the two of us, we are adequately supplied with fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the whole year.

In early spring 2021 we expect some company from several hens and will be looking forward to laid fresh and healthy eggs every day.